Bad Connection

Bad Connection

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BAD CONNECTION by Louis Tuakli-Mason

‘Bad Connection thrusts you into a nightmarish dream. Through hazy, grainy portraits, you arrive in an atmospheric limbo. You are taken down through the woods, blinded by spotlights and struck with reminders of memories and relationships. It's intense, maybe it's melancholic, but for me it’s illustrative of a state I've been experiencing for a while.’

Photography by Louis Tuakli-Mason @louistm_

Published & Edited by Bikini State

A3, printed on 300gsm gloss laminate (cover) and 150gsm gloss (inside pages)
32 pages

All copies include a zine insert (90x140mm, 8 pages)

First 30 copies sold include a limited run of A3 risograph prints by Bikini State & Louis Tuakli-Mason with Dizzy Ink

Bad Connection Image 2 Bad Connection Image 3 Bad Connection Image 4 Bad Connection Image 5
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