Shoot to Kill

Shoot to Kill

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Shoot to Kill is a series of photographs by film photographer Daniel Bolarinwa. The series of photos follows “up and coming” boxer Emmanuel Adeneye, local to Thamesmead, London. They highlight the rawness and grit in using your environment and surroundings to harness the essence and true form of what you are trying to achieve, no matter the obstacles.

Shoot to Kill conveys being able to fully put your all into something that you truly believe in, regardless of circumstances. As such, it subverts the negative connotations of defeat to represent the more positive sense of drive, passion and achieving your goals. However, seen in relation to the concept of self-defence (where ‘shooting to kill’ means aiming one’s shots with the specific intention of causing fatal injury), it also highlights a tension and the beauty of fight or flight.

Photography by Daniel Bolarinwa

Published & Edited by Bikini State

Printed by Dizzy Ink

Risograph printed
Covers 140gsm Cartridge
Innner Pages 100gsm Cartridge


Shoot to Kill Image 2 Shoot to Kill Image 3 Shoot to Kill Image 4
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